8 killed in building explosion in Heilongjiang

According to the Heilongjiang Provincial Government Information Office, an explosion ripped through a building in Da Dong Ning City, killing eight people and injuring four.

Harbin. News of a major eruption from neighboring China has surfaced. A building in China’s northeastern Heilongjiang province exploded on Wednesday, killing at least eight people. Many others were also injured in the incident. All the injured have been admitted to a nearby hospital.

The city’s government information office reported that a large explosion ripped through the office fee building in Dongting City, killing eight people and injuring four. The rescue operation was completed at 8 p.m., the office said.

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Preliminary investigations revealed that the blast was caused by explosives illegally produced and stored for the coal mine, officials said.

Accidents happen in China’s coal mines

Let us say that explosions and gas leaks occur in China’s coal mines every day. Hundreds of people have lost their lives in such incidents so far. In December 2020, 18 coal miners in China died due to a gas leak. The Xinhua news agency reported that the incident took place at 5 pm at the Daishoidong coal mine in Chongqing Municipal Corporation’s Yogchuan district.

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In addition, a large explosion at a coal mine in southwest China’s Guizhou Province in December 2019 killed 14 workers. A month ago, an explosion at another coal mine killed 15 people and injured nine.

Not only that, on October 21, 2019, there was a big explosion in the Shandong coal mine in China. Meanwhile, 22 laborers were trapped. In January 2019, a major accident occurred in China. There were 20 serial blasts during this period. A large number of people also died in it. Notably, China’s coal mining industry is considered the most dangerous in the world, where more than five thousand workers die annually.

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