61-year-old bottle garden hasn’t been watered for 4 decades – 61-year-old ‘Bottle Garden’, a drop of water that hasn’t lay in 40 years, evergreen

David, an 80-year-old retired electrical engineer from Surrey, invented

In 1960, Surrey resident David Latimer planted a seed from a Spiderwort flower in a 10 gallon capacity bottle jar using wire. Now 80 years old, David sealed his mouth and placed it 6 feet from the window in the sun. From there, the sun’s rays filter through the thick wall of glass and reach the inside of this bottle jar. The bottled plant is perfectly healthy.

Eco-system developed
David claims that an eco-system has developed inside this bottle garden, capable of processing photosynthesis using the filtering rays of the sun and recycling plant nutrients in the form of manure. David also claims that he hasn’t put a drop of water in it since 1972, despite this, it is still completely green.

Convert sunlight into energy

Botanical experts say that inside the bottle, the plant converts sunlight into energy, it nourishes itself and survives. It also produces oxygen through photosynthesis and also maintains moisture in the air around it. Its rotten leaves produce carbon dioxide for nutrients, which reach the plant from its roots. David said that this plant looks towards the sun like a sunflower inside the bottle, so its direction changes with the sun every day.

David says he hasn’t removed this bottle or opened its lid (stopper) from that window for almost 40 years. David wants to bring this garden of bottles as a pledge to his children. At the same time, the Royal Horticulture Society of England also wants to keep it with them as they want to test it on its internal ecosystem.

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