60th anniversary of the first historic human space flight – 60 years on the first space flight

On April 12, Lieutenant Yuri Gagarin of the Russian Army became the first person in the world to enter space, and then in July 1969, US cosmonaut Neil Armstrong set foot on lunar soil.

The first space flight ended 60 years

On Monday, the world’s first space flight ended 60 years. On April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin flew into space aboard the world’s first spacecraft, the “Baconeur Cosmodrome”. Although its flight only lasted an hour and 48 minutes, it was a historic event as humans first entered space. Significantly, this spacecraft was originally designed to launch nuclear weapons.

I didn’t even see the rocket before the flight
Yuri Gagarin, a young lieutenant of 27 at the time, was abruptly taken on this historic mission. He was selected for the mission four days before the rocket launch. In this situation, Yuri had to undergo rigorous testing and a much more complex training process than usual. He hadn’t even seen the spaceship Yuri was supposed to fly in before he sat in the rocket.

The Russian army opposed the mission
Even though it has become a historic mission today, the Russian space program faced strong opposition from the military at the time. In fact, the military believed human vehicle testing was extravagant and a waste of time and resources. He was not at all interested in this mission. At that time, Russia’s rival America was also preparing for the space mission. In such a situation, Russian scientists did not want to leave any opportunity to overtake them.[प्रोग्रामकोसेनाकेकड़ेविरोधकासामनाभीकरनापड़ाथा।दरअसलसेनाकामाननाथाकीमानवयानपरीक्षणफ़िज़ूलख़र्चीऔरसमयएवंसंसाधनोंकीबर्बादीहै।उन्हेंइसमिशनमेंकतईदिलचस्पीनहींथी।उससमयरूसकाधुरप्रतिद्व्न्दीअमरीकाभीअंत्तरिक्षमिशनकीतैयारियोंमेंजुटाथा।ऐसेमेंरूसीवैज्ञानिकउनसेआगेनिकलनेकाकोईअवसरनहींछोड़नाचाहतेथे।[प्रोग्रामकोसेनाकेकड़ेविरोधकासामनाभीकरनापड़ाथा।दरअसलसेनाकामाननाथाकीमानवयानपरीक्षणफ़िज़ूलख़र्चीऔरसमयएवंसंसाधनोंकीबर्बादीहै।उन्हेंइसमिशनमेंकतईदिलचस्पीनहींथी।उससमयरूसकाधुरप्रतिद्व्न्दीअमरीकाभीअंत्तरिक्षमिशनकीतैयारियोंमेंजुटाथा।ऐसेमेंरूसीवैज्ञानिकउनसेआगेनिकलनेकाकोईअवसरनहींछोड़नाचाहतेथे।

At that time, Russian military officials agreed on the condition that the “Baikonur Cosmodrome” be equipped with nuclear weapons and tested so that Russia could launch a nuclear attack from space. on time. So, this was not only the first human space flight mission, but it was also the world’s first mission when a vehicle was sent into Earth’s outer orbit with nuclear weapons.

Atom Bomb Human Space Mission Manned space mission Army of Russia USA USA and USSR See more

Atomic bomb Human space mission manned space mission Army of Russia USA USA and USSR USSR Yuri Gagarin

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