Island County responds to opioid problem


Opioid addiction is a major problem for our island communities, according to a newsletter issued by Commissioner Helen Price Johnson.

In addition, property-related crimes have increased. Many local families are struggling with loved ones addicted to the drug. Between 2004-2013 the number of opiate-attributed deaths for Island County increased by 77 percent, Price Johnson said.

“I am proud to report that the Human Services Department of Island County is responding to this problem in collaboration with first responders and service providers,” Price Johnson said. “An Opioid Outreach Worker, funded through a regional grant, will soon deliver short-term support for people with opioid addiction until treatment is provided.”

The intent of the program is to help people in need of services navigate the complex treatment and recovery system and serve 100-200 people per year. The Opioid Outreach Program will serve all of Island County, with an initial focus and attention to South Whidbey and Camano communities.

For more information, contact Island County Human Services.


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