Sno-Isle Libraries welcome Pokemon GO players


Sno-Isle Libraries on Whidbey and throughout Washington are welcoming players of Pokemon Go.

“We’re putting up signs that say ‘Welcome Pokémon Trainers,’” said Dawn Rutherford, teen services coordinator for the library district. Library staff are asking that players respect other library users while capturing Pokémon, training or resupplying.

“Pokémon GO players can be very focused on the game,” Rutherford said. “We are also hearing stories of people making it out of the house more and families walking around playing the game together. We are thrilled to be a place Pokémon trainers can safely connect and discover.”


Libraries and other public places figure prominently in the world of Pokémon GO. Players go in search of Pokémon figures, which they capture and then train at Pokémon GO Gyms. Along the way, they may need supplies, which are available at PokéStops.

Libraries can be any or all of those things and Sno-Isle Libraries welcomes players on their quests.

Rutherford added that it appears that most if not all Sno-Isle Libraries facilities are identified in some way in Pokémon GO.

“Some of our libraries are Gyms, many are PokéStops and I’m pretty sure all have Pokémon waiting to be caught.”


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