Draft study on Growler impact rescheduled for fall release


The draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the addition of Growler aircraft to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, originally scheduled to be released to the public this summer, will now be released in the fall. The draft EIS will address the environmental impacts associated with the potential addition of up to 36 EA-18G Growler aircraft.

Public affairs officials from U.S. Fleet Forces Command said there is no dramatic reason for the timeline change.

“It’s just that this is a very large and complex document, with a lot of specific areas to be analyzed, and we want to make sure that we provide a complete and well-researched document to the public,” said Ted Brown in an email to Whidbey Daily News.

The public will be notified when the draft document is available for review. Copies of the draft document will be provided to area libraries. The document will also be available for public review on the project web site.

The release of the document will begin a public comment period, during which interested members of the public are encouraged to comment on the document. Public meetings will be scheduled and announced at that time as well.

All public information associated with the the draft EIS can be found here.  The website includes up-to-date information on the project and schedule, as well as related documents associated with draft.


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