Island Pets: Smudge is full of purr-sonality


Every cat owner knows felines pack a lot of character into their respective purr-sonalities, and Smudge is definitely full of it.

The 15-year-old has never really grown up.

“I think if I had known how much trouble he was going to get into all the time, I probably wouldn’t have brought him home,” said owner Kathy Reed. “But I figure he just gets into trouble because he’s smart. I couldn’t imagine life without him now.”

Smudge is a long-haired tuxedo cat who loves to cuddle and carry stuffed toys around. He also loves to crawl under the covers and get cozy, especially when it’s time to make the bed. His favorite past time is walking around and around the house, and grooming the family dog, Sophie. He also goes crazy for French fries and will literally try to snitch them from your hand if given the opportunity. His other favorite treat is Cool Whip.

Adopted at barely six weeks old, Smudge earned his name for a little smudge of food he had on his face when he was first brought home.

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