10 Healthy Tips After Corona Recovery – These 10 Formulas Will Give You Safety Shield After Corona Recovery

Every day millions of people are recovering from the corona. Among them are many serious patients. Today’s issue knows what recoverable people should keep in mind, exercise and what to take in their diet.

These 10 threads will give you a protective shell after the recovery of the corona

1. People with mild symptoms
Which had mild or no symptoms. Not much to worry about for them. They do proper diet and breathing exercises. The weakness will go away slowly. It can take up to 2-3 weeks for the taste and smell to return.
2. There is difficulty in breathing
Who were on oxygen therapy and ventilators due to respiratory problems. Damage to their lungs is also possible. Medical advice to measure oxygen levels for 15 days after being negative Do breathing exercises 3-4 times.
3. Heart affected
Who are having trouble breathing even after recovery, but the oxygen level is right. So the heart is affected. Get an ECG-echo with the advice of a cardiologist. Don’t panic at all.
4. Vertigo on standing bha
It also affects the corona nervous system. Whose BP is OK, but if you feel dizzy while standing, get your BP checked. If the BP is less than 10 mm from the standing position, see a doctor.
5. extremities
This is due to the 14-day isolation and side effects of the virus. It should contain Vitamin A, B Complex and ‘C’. Folic acid should be taken for one month. Severe patients can also be given up to three months.
6. If there is a weakness
Eat more protein if you are feeling weak. Muscles also suffer more damage during coronary heart disease. Protein heals cells.
7. If I already have sugar …
Corona causes sugar to become uncontrolled. Such people should see a doctor and start a new medicine. Control sugar. Take special care for the first three months. Immunity of such patients is very low. Get your sugar tested once a week.
8. B.P.
Those who already have blood pressure or heart problems, or who have had a heart attack in their family. They should also see a doctor and take medications for blood thinning and cholesterol. But don’t take the drug out of your mind.
9. Loss of memory
If you are having problems with isolation, loneliness or a virus, keep positive thoughts. Read your books, like reading good books, painting or listening to music. Will recover soon. Do regular yoga-meditation.
10. Stomach upset
Corona also causes diarrhea and taking more antibiotics kills the good bacteria in the stomach. Digestion is impaired. Take probiotics-fiber items for digestion. For this, take a bowl of yogurt and plenty of salad in the diet.

Health tips

Health tips

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