State nurses association strikes deal with Whidbey General


An agreement has been struck between Whidbey General Hospital and Clinics and the Washington State Nursing Association.

The agreement was ratified Friday, March 4, and is in effect through April 1, 2019. The agreement covers the 163 Registered Nurses who work at the hospital and at outpatient locations on Whidbey Island.

“We are extremely proud of our Registered Nurses for the dedicated and compassionate care they provide every day,” says CEO Geri Forbes. “We believe this agreement is positive for Whidbey General, our nurses and for the community we are all committed to serving.”

The agreements includes a 7.5 percent increase in base wages over the life of the contract; premium pay increase for Registered Nurses who perform certain tasks above and beyond their routine duties or who have completed their Masters of Science in Nursing; and an increase in standby pay for Registered Nurses when they are on call for the hospital.

The bargaining process took approximately 11 months, which is not unusual in our region for complex negotiations of this type. The length of time was influenced in part by recent changes in state and federal laws that impact organizational policies and employee benefit programs.

“We are extremely grateful to our nurses and managers who participated in the negotiations,” says Forbes. “And sincere thanks to our entire nursing team for their flexibility and patience during the bargaining process.”


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