UPDATED: Oak Harbor police chief reprimanded for misplacing gun


The police chief of Oak Harbor has been disciplined for losing his gun in a grocery store. Chief Ed Green reported his Glock .40 caliber firearm missing March 4, according to a City of Oak Harbor press release issued this week.

As a result of the press release and news reports an Oak Harbor resident contacted the police stating that they had possession of the weapon and then returned it. The resident has been interviewed and is assisting the police in an investigation on how the weapon was obtained.

Green said that he recalled having the firearm while using the bathroom at 7:27 p.m. inside SAAR’s Market on State Route 20. He said he may have left it on a towel container at that location. He noticed the firearm missing at 8 p.m. when he got home.

He immediately contacted the market manager to conduct a search, but was unable to locate the weapon, according to the release. He informed the mayor, city administrator and officers on duty that he needed to file a police report over the loss and have the weapon information placed into the appropriate Federal and State

Oak Harbor Police Department policy requires that an officer make every effort to secure a weapon and not lose physical control of it. Green received a written reprimand and the investigation is ongoing.



  1. This is the kind of police chief we want – one who is honest and has integrity, and one who takes responsibility for his actions. EVERYONE makes mistakes. Some actually admit it.

  2. John B. Greet on

    The reprimand was the appropriate level of discipline, since Chief Green didn’t commit any crime or other public offense but, instead, violated department policy.

    What’s chilling, though, is that the loaded weapon is apparently still unaccounted for. It’s now out in the community somewhere, or in the region, no doubt in the hands of someone not particularly inclined to follow the law, else they would have turned it in to OHPD or the Sheriff when they found it.

    Hopefully whomever has the weapon will grow a conscience before someone is seriously hurt with it, or worse.

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