Correction: Haggen brand to survive in Oak Harbor Albertsons store purchase


Oak Harbor’s grocery store musical chairs continues as Haggen sets to sell 29 of its core stores – including the one on State Route 20 – back to Albertsons.

Haggen filed for bankruptcy late last year following its purchase of 146 stores from Albertsons and Safeway when they merged. The Bellingham-based grocers failure to make the new brand work in several markets – including Oak Harbor – is spurring the chain to sell back to Albertsons.

Haggen confirmed what was already suspected by many in a press release late Friday, announcing its plans to sell 29 of its core stores in Washington and Oregon, according to the Seattle Times. The purchased stores will likely operate under the Albertsons brand.

The  series of changes has lead to a string of rebranding of Oak Harbor grocery stores: the former Albertsons on Southwest Erie Street turned into a Safeway, the Safeway on SR 20 rebranded as Haggen which looks like it will remain intact for now despite its Albertson’s ownership.

The Federal Trade Commission has approved the buy, according to the Seattle Times, but the deal awaits the ruling of a bankruptcy court in Delaware.



  1. Other news sources are reporting that Albertsons is keeping the Haggen brand in Oak Harbor. Why does this story say it will become Albertsons?

    • You are correct and the story has been changed. Documents indicated that a brand change would happen, but that appears to be untrue in Oak Harbor’s case. Thanks for the comment.

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