Whidbey Weekly, Whidbey Daily News partner in community support

The Whidbey Weekly, an independent print newspaper, and Whidbey Daily News, this online news source, are partnering in a print venture that prioritizes community involvement and support.
Each week readers will be able to sample news content printed within the Whidbey Weekly, distributed island wide and on Washington state ferries, created by staff at www.whidbeydailynews.com.
“For over six years people have been asking us to become a true newspaper and I have always vehemently declined,” said Whidbey Weekly Publisher Eric Marshall. “We have worked hard to establish an identity and a readership, and preferred not to become like other traditional publications.”
However, Marshall said, after meeting with Whidbey Daily News staff he found common ground and mutual goals.
“I admire Eric Marshall’s mission to connect with the community and support its businesses,” said Whidbey Daily News Editor Janis Reid. “The role of journalists, in my mind, has always been to inform the electorate and then to provide information that supports community and civic-mindedness. Eric and I believe we can achieve this best through a sincere desire to work together. Our partnership emulates that.”
Whidbey Daily News will continue to provide daily news coverage of Whidbey Island online, but the news insert within the Whidbey Weekly will allow the online news source to reach a print audience, Reid said. Unlike other news sources on Whidbey Island, the Whidbey Weekly and Whidbey Daily provide free content, distribute island wide and are focused on people and businesses who make the island thrive.
Marshall said the partnership creates just the kind of win-win scenario he aims for from day to day.
“The news that Whidbey Daily News is providing in the pages of the Whidbey Weekly will fill a void that has been long missing on Whidbey Island – an independent news source focusing on positive local stories,” Marshall said. “I am very excited about our partnership with Whidbey Daily News and greatly appreciate the overwhelming support that the partnership has already generated.”
For more information explore this site or www.whidbeyweekly.com.


  1. Absolutely Fantastic! Have been a regular Whidbey Weekly reader for years, and have been loving Whidbey Daily News because it seems to deeply reflect the community awareness that is a major part of living on Whidbey Island. Kudos to Eric and his staff, and to all the folks at the Whidbey Daily News! This partnership is going to benefit everyone.

  2. Congrats too all parties involved! I’m excited for WW to take this next step and congratulate both staffs on the hard work to get to this point!

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