New electronic sign to promote tourism in Oak Harbor


A new electronic reader board has replaced traditional banners at Beeksma Gateway Park in Oak Harbor.

OH Sign 1The sign, located at the intersection of State Route 20, Pioneer Way and Beeksma Place, was activated late last week and will be used to promote upcoming events. Formerly large banners promoting events were stretched over the stone base of the ‘Welcome to Oak Harbor’ sign.

The process to get the new electronic sign began early last year. The new reader board was purchased with 2 percent lodging tax funds.

“That means the reader board can only be used for events and activities promoting tourism in Oak Harbor,” said Debbie Mueller, with Oak Harbor Public Works, who has run the city’s banner program in the past.

Mueller said the banner program featured approximately 30 banners throughout the year. The new sign gives the ability to feature even more events and activities.

“We will have the ability to scroll through events, so we can feature more than one at a time,” she said.

Those interested in listing an event or activity on the board will have to fill out an application form. For now, folks should contact Mueller at Oak Harbor Public Works, but eventually the application form will be available on the city’s website.

Smaller banners may still be displayed at the static welcome signs at the north and south ends of the city.


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  1. 1 – It’s very small..

    2 – Doesn’t really say much about how to get to what’s downtown or how to get there.

    3 – Just looks like another annoying sign. If I were in another town (lived in OH 10 years) I’d ignore it and count on my prior research.

    4 – MAYBE if something that was interesting HAPPENED to flash at the time I was at the light, and MAYBE if I were in a position to read it (not too far back in traffic etc…) it MIGHT spark interest.

    5 – Mostly another big waste of money. I mean, seriously, our downtown ‘attractions’ now feature a crossfit gym.. YAWN…

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