New business bounces into Oak Harbor


Finally, a place where it’s okay for the kids to bounce off the walls.

Bouncin 13Bouncin’ Fun Center is a new business in Oak Harbor that caters to kids – specifically those 12 and under, but owners James and Priscilla Croft say it can be fun for kids of all ages, even the adult kind.

“I love play,” said James Croft with a shrug of his shoulders when asked about this newest venture. Croft is the former manager of the Oak Harbor Home Depot, current manager of the Home Depot in Everett and owns Toppins’ Frozen Yogurt in Oak Harbor with his wife Priscilla. He said this is something they have wanted to do for a long time.

“We wanted to do this even before we opened Toppins’,” Croft said. “But the timing just didn’t work out and then we opened Toppins’, which we love.”

Bouncin Family shotThe couple’s love of community and kids combined helped them come up with the idea.

“I love this community and we love kids, but there isn’t a lot for kids to do,” he said. “And, I love play, what can I say?”

Bouncin’ , located in Trader’s Village on Midway Boulevard in Oak Harbor, features 4,200 square feet of fun, with the possibility to expand into the basement as needed. The high ceilings on the top level mean there is room for several bouncy structures. The main floor holds a regular bounce house and a farm -themed bouncy perfect for children 6 and under, while the upper level holds three different structures for all ages. But it’s more than just bounce houses.

“With a bounce house you’re limited to a ten- by ten-foot area,” explained Croft. “We have three different obstacle courses with a total of about 150-feet. The obstacle courses keep traffic moving and then there are three slide options: small, medium and really fast.”

Parents are welcome to either just supervise their children or they can join them to assist. Regular hours, which are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday are for children 12 and under. However, private parties can include children and adults alike and can be scheduled from 10 a.m. to noon and 6-8 p.m. on weekends, typically. Parents must sign a one-time waiver in order for their children to participate.

The facility just opened for business Dec. 27, but already Croft is thinking about new activities to add.

“The carpet is black light sensitive, so at night we can offer cosmic bouncing and we’re also planning to have Nerf gun nights,” he said.

In addition to the bounce structures, there is a private party room and a small arcade room with a mini air-hockey table, pinball machine and a couple of video games. Future plans will include vending machines for snack options.

Cost to play for the day is $8.97 for children 3 and up. And that means all day – parents are free to check their kids in and out as needed for lunch or dinner breaks and then bring them back the same day for additional play time. Children 2 and under are $4.75 a day but infants are free with a paid sibling. There is no charge for parents to assist their children.

“We want people to have fun and be able to come in and enjoy,” Croft said. “It’s a safe place for kids to go.”

More information is available on Bouncin’s Facebook page.



  1. Melissa Bradley on

    “The couple’s love for community and kids combined helped them Come up with the idea”

    Great idea…lol Very fresh and new!

  2. So we just we there January 30th all was fun and we had a good time until we were about to leave and friends of ours we were with had a gun indirectly pointed in their faces by the big guy working behind the counter… As he was showing it off or something. He then tucked under his shirt in the back. My friends asked him why he has a gun in kids play place? I didn’t get the full story but it turned out that the gun was a CO2 pistol… Which is still not ok. I fully support the 2nd amendment but not when your “using it” like a total idiot.
    First rule of firearms: always treat it as it’s loaded.
    Second rule: never ever! Point it at anything you Are not willing to destroy
    Third rule: keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you have identified your target and are ready to fire, know your target and what is beyond.

    • Well I’d like to reply that the same day the owner has contacted me promptly to apologize for what happened and took action in the same day to stop and prevent the issue from happening again. I really appreciate business owners putting in the extra visible work to remedy your complaints. We will be going my back!

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