Book recalls early days of war


History buffs especially will be interested in an upcoming book signing Friday, Nov. 13 at Regency on Whidbey in Oak Harbor.

Author Ann Barker will be signing copies of her book, “Leaving Sixberries,” an account – through her five-year-old eyes – of the early days of World War II in England and the trials of the family making their way to the United States.

Barker, a gifted artist, will also have some of her paintings on display during the signing. An English Tea will be served in Regency’s library at 2 p.m. on Nov. 13. Regency is located at 1040 SW Kimball.  For information and directions, call Sande Mulkey at (360) 279-0933.




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  1. Thank you for posting this event. Doubt I can make it, but I gotta put out there that I swear we need some books about NAS Whidbey Island.

    Some suggestions:

    1) The 1987-1991 noise fight around OLF Coupeville (I intend to publish one about the current fight in 2018, when I project it’ll be over.)
    2) The memoirs of Captain Mike Nortier
    3) The memoirs of Commodore Darryl “D-Day” Walker
    4) Tales of Whidbey SAR
    5) The memoirs of Commander Heather “Fish” O’Donnell, hero of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM who also had some in-flight emergencies with the EA-6B Prowler
    6) Janis Reid’s side of the 2012-2017? OLF Coupeville Noise Fight
    7) Memoirs of a VAQ-134 Garudas pilot the last deployment up until the sundown ceremonies
    8) Memoirs of a P-3 pilot

    I’ll stop there with a fav Joe-ism: ONE CAN ONLY HOPE ;-).

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