Whidbey Island’s Michael McCastle beats pullup world record


Whidbey Island’s Michael McCastle has beaten the Guinness world record for most pullups in a 24-hour period.

McCastle completed 5,804 pullups in just shy of 24 hours early in the morning Sept. 27, breaking the world record of 5,801 pullups in the same time which was achieved by John Bocek in Arlington, Va., in May.

“Out of all the events I’ve done, this was the hardest,” McCastle said. “It was also the most gratifying because it beat me last time.”

McCastle first attempted to break the record late last year but was hospitalized before he could complete the challenge. In addition to beating the record this time around, McCastle  wore a 30-pound pack on his back to raise awareness and funds for Operation Enduring Warrior, a veteran-operated non-profit organization that assists wounded service members.

“Outstanding new world record – 5804 pull ups in 24 hours with a 30-pound ruck,” Operation Enduring Warrior posted on their Facebook page. “OEW community ambassador Michael McCastle, you are amazing….! Thank you for raising funds and awareness for OEW in the process!”

Despite his forearms being “pretty thrashed” the day after, McCastle still reported for work Monday as an air traffic controller for Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.


“If it wasn’t for all the people coming in through the day, keeping me on pace and cracking jokes to keep my spirits up, I wouldn’t have been able to do it,” McCastle said.

In addition to raising awareness for OEW, McCastle has also raised $250 for the organization. Donations can still be made here.


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