Island Pets: Ginger


Move aside Mary Ann: this is Ginger. She is a green-eyed calico kitty approximately 15 years of age, and is owned by Doug and Kathy Reed of Oak Harbor. Her true age isn’t known for certain, as she was a stray.

Her talents include opening doors (especially cabinet doors) and she is a pro at getting low-hanging ornaments off the family Christmas tree during the holidays. “She doesn’t just whack at them with her paws,” said Doug. “She actually sits on her hind legs and uses her front feet to pull the ornament to the end of the branch and off.”

Ginger is also very sweet – she loves to give kisses and is known for standing next to a person and “thwacking” their leg with her tail. She will reach out for attention – literally – by lifting her paw up as if in salute.


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