It’s dirty politics time again


To the editor,

Dr. Bernd J Fischer might have had a successful career as a consultant advising his clients, but he missed the mark regarding Jim Campbell’s history in a his recent letter to the editor.

Fischer’s letter stated, “Oak Harbor has been unfortunate in the last four years to be saddled with a mayoral administration which, despite some achievements, has suffered from what might be called Washington, D.C. syndrome. It has been plagued with divisive, dysfunctional politics, aggravated by executive arrogance, secrecy, midnight massacres and habitual cost overruns. Our thriving, friendly community was turned into something akin to Oak Harbor on the Potomac. I think we will all agree that this is something we should strive to avoid in the future, and the coming election is our chance. Whether Jim Campbell, who is close to Mayor Dudley, would follow in the mayor’s unfortunate footsteps, if elected, is open to discussion. I for one, am not willing to take that risk and will therefore enthusiastically support Bob Severns.”

Jim Campbell is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer who after retirement from the Navy worked for Lockheed Martin on the Trident II Missile program. Trident II is a submarine launched missile.. He worked in Publications, Engineering, and Program Management in Sunnyvale CA, , He was also liaison to the Navy in Washington DC. He finished his career as Senior Manager doing liaison to the Royal Navy on their missile program in Helensburgh, Scotland.

During his career at Lockheed he negotiated contracts, developed and managed budgets, managed projects and lead several groups on many different and varied projects He also was a member of a negotiating team resulting in their largest contract, $500 Million.

He is presently serving his tenth year on Oak Harbor’s City Council. It’s very clear that his background is in leadership, management, contract negotiations and people skills. This makes Jim the ideal person to be Oak Harbor’s Mayor.. It’s obvious that Jim learned long ago that if you allow personalities to interfere with decision making you are doomed to failure. He has in the past always voted on agenda items based upon the item and not who advocates

His voting record proves he voted with Dudley and against Dudley just as he has done with everyone on the Oak Harbor City Council

It’s sad that Dr. Fischer failed to do sufficient research regarding Jim’s qualifications before he made his below the belt comments regarding Jim Campbell, but I guess that’s to be expected. It’s politics as usual.

Bill Strowbridge
Oak Harbor


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