Renton BBQ named Pigfest champ


When all the smoke cleared, team “Dances With Smoke” walked away in first place at the second sanctioned barbecue competition at the Oak Harbor Pigfest.

The team, from BBQ Pete’s in Renton, took top honors in three out of four categories: Pork butt (pulled pork), brisket and ribs, making them the highest-scoring team overall. First in the chicken category was Smokin’ Timbers BBQ, who came in second overall. Wine Country Q rounded out the top three in the Pacific Northwest Barbecue Association competition.

According to Pigfest founder Scott Fraser, 6,300 people went through the food line at Sunday’s Pigfest, while overall more than 9,000 people attended. Winner of the pie-eating contest was Alexa Lyptak, from Surrey, British Columbia.

Here’s how the 17 competitive teams ranked at this year’s Pigfest cook-off:

1. Dances With Smoke

2. Smokin’ Timbers BBQ

3. Wine Country Q

4. Slow Porkin’

5. Hog Shack Cookhouse

6. Lake House BBQ

7. Uff Da Q

8. Bush Kitchen

9. Daddy and Me BBQ

10. Papa Bear’s BBQ

11. Rob’s Smokin’ and Grillin’ BBQ

12. Megasmoke 206

13. Henry’s Home Built BBQ

14. Sho Nuff Foods

15. Smoke Tree BBQ

16. FRA 97 Crowsnest Lounge

17. Orlando’s Fish and Grill


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