Navy volunteers spruce things up


The Oak Harbor branch of the U.S. Postal Service has Navy volunteers to thank for a recent cleanup.

A crew of 18 volunteers from the Naval Ocean Processing Facility on Naval Air Station Whidbey Island spent more than five hours Friday doing some landscaping at the post office.

“It was completely overgrown,” said Sonar Technician Second Class Richard Moore, one of the crew of volunteers . “We had to mow, weed and rake the entire area.”

Moore said the volunteer work was a nice change of pace for him.

“I personally like it,” he said. “It lets me do something physical, rather than being at my computer screen all day.”

The whole cleanup came about when the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce was contacted by Sonar Technician Surface Third Class Quintin Thomas, who was looking for volunteer opportunities in the community. Chamber executive director Christine Cribb had the perfect task.

“He called looking for a community service project and I had heard quite a few comments about the state of the Post Office, so I simply made a suggestion,” said Cribb. Thomas took the suggestion back to his association, which voted on it and gathered the tools necessary for Friday’s landscaping.

“He just really wanted to give back to the community that is so supportive of them,” Cribb said.

Passers by were happy to share their support on Friday, said Moore.

“When people would drive through and drop things off, they would thank us,” said Moore. “That was really nice.”

Moore, who has been stationed on Whidbey Island for six years, said he is definitely looking for further volunteer opportunities and is willing to bet his command will jump on the volunteer bandwagon.

“There are several service groups within the command and we’re all pretty competitive,” he said. “I’m sure they’re likely to jump in and help.”


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