Breakwater construction underway on Seaplane Base


Work on the Navy’s 73-year-old breakwater in Crescent Harbor is moving along.

Huge barge cranes and other construction equipment have been working since late June on demolishing the original breakwater on the Seaplane Base, which was constructed about the same time the Naval Air Station opened in 1942. Navy officials said area residents were likely to experience a foul odor as the old pilings were pulled out of the water, due to decaying marine growth. That phase was completed July 17.

Once the pilings were removed, dredging was begun to prepare for the construction of a new breakwater, which is needed to protect the barges offloading fuel at that location. Construction is now underway, with Seattle company Manson Construction doing the work. The $8.749 million project is expected to be completed in April 2016.


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